Cape Fear Arch

A Collaborative Voice for Nature

The Cape Fear Arch is a special geologic feature stretching from Cape Lookout, NC to Cape Romain, SC that contains nationally significant animal and plant communities.

Created in 2006, the Cape Fear Arch Conservation Collaboration is a partnership of organizations and individuals interested in protecting this region while balancing the needs of man and nature.

Its mission is to develop and implement a community conservation vision to build awareness, protection and stewardship of the region’s important natural resources.

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The Cape Fear Arch is composed of some of the most unique landscapes in the world, many of which are home to plants and animals found no where else on earth.

Did you know that the Cape Fear Arch contains: 

  • 100% of the world’s native Venus flytraps
  • The oldest trees east of the Rockies, including a 1,700-year-old bald cypress
  • The largest of the natural Carolina Bay Lakes, Lake Waccamaw
  • Endangered birds: red-cockaded woopecker, wood stork, & piping plover
  • Endangered turtles: Kemp's Ridley, hawksbill, & leatherback
  • Endangered fish:  Cape Fear shiner & shortnose sturgeon
  • Endangered plants:  golden sedge, green pitcher plant, & rough-leaf loosestrife
  • Endangered mammals: humpback whales & West Indian manatee

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